Rolta OneView™ for Transportation: Linear analytics for linear assets drive greater executive insights

Rolta offers an Operational Excellence solution that allows executives to quickly understand what is working, what isn’t, what soon may not, and to consider “what if” scenarios.

The transportation and infrastructure systems in developed and developing countries around the world are stretched beyond capacity, making it critical for transportation executives to be able to understand their operational situation to maximize the availability and maintenance of assets, work projects, congestion and safety, all within the available budget. They need the ability to access and integrate cross-functional data in real-time. Rolta OneView™ for Transportation the right solution to addresses these challenges.

Why Rolta

Rolta OneView delivers executives a precise yet holistic view of an operation’s overall effectiveness and efficiency, along with the tactical data managers need to achieve improvements. Information compiled from disparate systems across the enterprise and presented in dashboard view immediately uncovers critical process, production and asset situations that, without immediate attention, can cause huge production losses and unsafe conditions. Rolta OneView allows executives to quickly understand what is working, what isn’t, what soon may not, and to consider “what if” scenarios. Our real-time GIS integration provides location visualization showing where assets and issues are sited, further enhancing operational levels of understanding.

This innovative solution touches the nerve center of all critical functions, providing users with the status of hundreds of industry specific KPIs, such as asset utilization, inventory, cost control, compliance, customer impact, system reliability and much more – presenting past, current, and predictive analysis-based future views to optimally manage enterprise operations. No other business intelligence solution combines the power of Business Intelligence technologies with the depth of asset and production insight and the breadth of integrated departmental databases which can give you the insights you need to meet the future MAP-21 funding requirements.

A Sampling of Mission-Critical Insights Delivered by Rolta OneView

Executive Insights

  • Track progress on organizational goals
  • Link project performance to transportation outcomes
  • Track performance of KPIs

Infrastructure Condition Insights

  • Determine optimal investment strategies
  • Gather asset information for condition, state of good repair,
    risk profile and lifecycle cost
  • View future condition forecasts

Planning Insights

  • Match investment options to planning outcomes
  • Understand and visualize asset condition
  • View traffic and transit demand forecast
  • Assess multi-modal efficiency

Congestion Insights

  • Visualize congestion data on maps
  • Analyze capacity and modal mix impacts on Level of Service
  • Plan capacity interventions

Rolta OneView is built upon a unique set of core competencies in Engineering, Geospatial and Enterprise IT combined with industry expertise that leads transportation organizations to operational excellence. Our proven track record of successes rests on an end-to-end solution that starts with a deep-dive analysis of your needs and operations structures and ends with clients enjoying impressive time-to-value and ROI.