C2 – Command: Enhancing the Command and Control capabilities of Combat Commanders

C2 – Command is a module of Rolta BMS Command. It contains tools that empower the commanders with Planning, Decision Support, Control and Logistics and Specialized Tasks Functions to meet the needs of Battalion and Company Commanders.

Command and Control is the exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated Commander over assigned forces in the accomplishment of the mission. Rolta’s C2 Command is a collection of Tools that empowers the commanders with Planning, Decision Support, Control, and Logistics & Specialized Tasks Functions. It is custom built with a light & responsive embedded GIS Engine to meet the needs of Battalion and Company Commanders in the Indian Army’s combat echelons at the forward edge of the battlefield.


  • Definition of ORBAT inclusive of Attachments & Detachments
  • Administration of User rights, Roles and Privileges
  • Route planning based on Terrain and Int inputs of Enemy
  • Cartographic Tools for linear & angular measurements, Terrain Profile, Free hand drawings, Intervisibility Analysis, Almanac Data, Slope /Aspects, Shaded Relief , Thematic Maps, Buffer Analysis
  • Marking of AOR & Bounds
  • Preparation of Arty Fire plans
  • Site suitability analysis for weapon and sensor deployment
  • Depiction of Weapon Coverage
  • Resource requirement computation for Tactical functions like Minefield Laying, Preparation of Defenses, Demolition etc.
  • Resource requirement computation for Administrative functions like Lgs reqmts for attack & Defense, Dumping & Stocking etc.
  • Defining Targets and assigning priority

Decision Support Tools

  • Generation of a cohesive intelligence picture through correlation and analysis of all surveillance sensors through MSDF
  • Alerts on operational health status of sub units/dets based on operational criticality of stores and critical Terrain changes
  • Rule based Analysis of Terrain , Own Deployment & En Input Overlays
  • Record and Playback of Mission Data

Control Functions

  • Sequentially/constructively create Indian Tactical Military Symbols (friendly, hostile and neutral) based on attributes defined by the use
  • Graphical overlays to create diagrammatic plans, orders etc. using symbols, tactical drawings & attributes
  • A user friendly messaging module to send and receive different type of text & graphical messages with prioritization
  • Automatic transfer of amended terrain data to all entities with generation of suitable alerts
  • Facility to directly connect and view output of video streams on display devices provided
  • Enable initiation of critical operational pre-formatted orders/reports

Logistic Functions

  • Interface for entry, storage & updation of Logistics details in terms of stores (Ammunition, Fuel, Ration, etc), Manpower & Equipment
  • Replication and Aggregation of Logistic Data from lower echelons
  • Visual display & Alerts on operational health status of sub units/dets based on operational criticality of personnel ,stores & eqpt

Task Specific Functions

  • Combat Planning
  • Infantry Mortar Fire Planning
  • Minefield Planning
  • Engineer Tasks