C2 – Platoon – Enhancing the Command and Control capabilities of Platoon Commanders

C2 – Platoon is a module of Rolta BMS Platoon . It contains tools that empower the Platoon commanders with Planning, Decision Support, Control and Logistics and Specialised Tasks Functions.

Command and Control is the exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated Commander over assigned forces in the accomplishment of the mission. Rolta’s C2 Platoon is a collection of Tools that empowers the Platoon commanders with Planning, Decision Support,Control, and Logistics & Specialised Tasks Functions. It is custom-built with a light & responsive embedded GIS Engine to meet the needs of Platoon Commanders in the Indian Army’s combat echelons at the forward edge of the battlefield.

Planning Tools

  • Route planning based on Terrain and Int inputs of Enemy
  • Cartographic Tools for linear & angular measurements, Terrain Profile, Free hand drawings, Intervisibility Analysis, Slope /Aspects, Shaded Relief , Thematic Maps
  • Marking of AOR & Bounds
  • Site suitability analysis for weapon and sensor deployment
  • Depiction of Weapon Coverage

Decision Support Tools

  • Generation of a cohesive intelligence picture through correlation and analysis of all surveillance sensors through MSDF
  • Alerts on operational health status of sub units/dets based on operational criticality of stores and critical Terrain changes
  • Rule based Analysis of Terrain , Own Deployment & En Input Overlays
  • Record and Playback of Mission Data

Control Functions

  • Sequentially/constructively create Indian Tactical Military Symbols (friendly, hostile and neutral) based on attributes defined by the use
  • Graphical overlays to create diagrammatic plans, orders etc using symbols, tactical drawings & attributes
  • A user friendly messaging module to send and receive different type of text & graphical messages with prioritisation
  • Automatic transfer of amended terrain data to all entities with generation of suitable alerts
  • Facility to directly connect and view output of video streams on display devices provided

Logistic Functions

  • Interface for entry, storage & updation of Logistics details in terms of stores (Ammunition, Fuel, Ration, etc), Manpower & Equipment
  • Replication and Aggregation of Logistic Data from lower echelons
  • Visual display & Alerts on operational health status of sub units/dets based on operational criticality of personnel ,stores & eqpt

Task Specific Functions

  • Combat Planning
  • Infantry Mortar Fire Planning for the Mor Pl Cdr
  • Minefield Planning for the Engr Pl Cdr
  • Engineer Tasks for the Engr Pl Cdr