GIS – Soldier: Providing basic GIS tools to Soldier to improve his effectiveness

GIS – Soldier is a module of Rolta BMS Soldier. It is a lightweight GIS custom-built to meet the limited needs of Soldiers in the battlefield.

The Rolta ‘GIS Soldier’ is lightweight GIS with an extremely responsive embedded GIS Engine custom-built to meet the needs of Soldiers in the Indian Army’s combat echelons at the forward edge of the battlefield.

Planning Tools

  • Route Display with Navigation Aid
  • Cartographic Tools for basic linear measurements

GIS Tools

  • Display of location based on Lat/long and Military GR and elevation readout
  • Map and Imagery display
  • Display of IMGRS Military grid
  • Tools for Zoom and Pan of Map Display
  • Contrast brightness adjustments for day and night mode
  • Map rotation to keep it orientation as per the ground as seen by soldier depending on the direction he is facing
  • Display of NORTH arrow

Advanced GIS Tools

  • Basic non-standard symbols/ icons marking facility
  • Tools for Measurement of area & perimeter (in metric system) mounted only