Rolta BMS Command: Enhancing the tactical capabilities of Combat Commanders

Rolta BMS Command, the fully indigenous C2 Application acts as a force multiplier for Battalion / Combat Group and Company / Combat Team ‘Tigers’ of frontline combat units by providing them a comprehensive ‘Common Tactical Picture’.

It is custom-built with a embedded light and responsive GIS Engine to meet the needs of Battalion and Company Commanders in the Indian Army’s combat echelons at the forward edge of the battlefield. Besides providing them near real time situational awareness and a comprehensive ‘Common Tactical Picture’, the product facilitates, simplifies and automates the exchange of C2 information & data.

Through Rolta BMS Command, ‘Tigers’ gain access to a rich repository of custom-designed tools that facilitate their workflows, like a set of tools that enable exploitation of the GIS to carry out a terrain analysis – even during a mission! It also provides them decision making and analytical tools that enable them to take critical operational decisions to optimally bring combat power to bear in unbelievably short ‘response times’ giving them the ability to operate within enemy’s OODA cycle – truly, a battle winning advantage.


  • Light weight GIS Engine for Map Data Analysis & Exploitation
  • Terrain Analysis & Virtual reconnaissance
  • Up-to-date ‘Int’ & Threat Assessment
  • Decision Making & Planning tools and algorithms for Cdrs to discern ‘Threats’
  • Speedy creation & issue of Orders & Instructions
  • Logistics data readily available. Alerts when critical levels are breached


  • Up-to-date & accurate SA and CTP
  • Coordination
  • Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Navigation
  • Logistics management


  • Hugely, the repetitive work at hierarchical levels
  • Sequential actions by enabling parallel processes
  • The ‘fog’ of battle
  • Work-flow time ( through automation )
  • Training costs


  • Operational & Logistics Work-flows
  • Processes & Procedures
  • Logistics & Support
  • Customisation and much more…