Rolta Mil Webserver: A Suite of Resources & Tools for Working with Spatial Data and the Web

Rolta Mil Web Server is a specialised server solution for handling Geospatial data over the web with the state of the art technology and OGC compliance and customized for Defense domain.

Rolta Mil Webserver offer a suite of resources and tools for working with spatial data and the web. It consists of three parts that work together: an Applet, a Servlet, and Rolta Mil Map Viewer. The Applet displays your project in the user’s browser while the Servlet acts as a middleman to send data back and forth between the Applet and Rolta Mil Map Viewer.

The technology is based on OGC specifications and comprises of the following three web publishing services :

  • Web Feature Service (WFS) – open features in Rolta Mil Map Viewer from any Web feature service on the Web
  • Web Coverage Service (WCS) – open coverage in Rolta Mil Map Viewer from any Web coverage service on the Web
  • Web Mapping Service (WMS) – open map layers in Rolta Mil Map Viewer from any Web map service on the Web

Key Features

  • Displays geospatial data from any standard HTML-based browser
  • Dynamic display of raster and vector information
  • Full range of tools, such as pan and zoom, zoom in and out, and re center
  • High resolution: no loss of details in images and graphics even at high zoom levels
  • High-speed data flow between applet and Rolta Mil Map Viewer
  • Complies with OpenGIS® Consortium Web Mapping Service Interface implementation specification version 1.0.0
  • Provides customizable Web page templates and sample configuration files


  • Converts images to GIF or JPEG on-the-fly to display rapidly on the Web
  • Supports Generic Data Base (GDB) formats (100+ vector and raster formats including ArcInfo, Shape, MapInfo, MrSID, GeoTIFF, Oracle)
  • Perform various queries like Spatial, Attribute etc
  • Java Applet inserted by using an HTML tag
  • Progress from creating a simple Web page to a complex Web site using XML configuration
  • Fully customizable environment
  • Enables users to show and hide layers by selecting check boxes