Spatial Orientation – Platoon: A tool for Platoon Commanders to plan and orient their forces

Spatial Orientation – Platoon is a module of Rolta BMS Platoon, designed and developed for Platoon Commanders and Troop leaders and is specifically built to meet their needs by automating the data exchange and information.

Spatial Orientation Platoon is designed & developed for Platoon Commanders and Troop leaders & is specifically built to meet their needs. It provides them near real time Situational Awareness and a comprehensive ‘Common Tactical Picture’, (CTP) and facilitates, simplifies & automates the exchange of C2 information and data.

Geospatial Data Handling

  • Indigenously developed light weight & responsive GIS
  • Handling & Display of Raster Map Data (Satellite Images, Aerial Photos & Toposheets) of different scales (1:1000 ,1:5000, 1:10,000, 1:25,000 & 1:50,000
  • Handling & Display of Vector DGN Map Data with high level of multi resolution details along with attribute information and symbology as per DVD standards
  • Handling & Display of Elevation Data ( DTED, DEM) of varying resolutions
  • Display of Terrain Symbology of Military Series Defense Maps as per DVD Standards with attributes
  • An interface enabling management of ingested Map Data (Vector, Raster & Elevation)
  • Options for opening maps & images by Name, Scale, AOR
  • Ability to draw basic shapes such as arrows, circles, polygons & ellipses with facility to modify the color, font, size, weight, line style and fill pattern

Blue Force Tracking

  • Display of own location on a map/imagery using data from GNSS with appropriate symbol
  • Computation and display of location of all friendly BMS entities within the relevant geographical domain using appropriate symbols
  • Display of BFT on a user’s device to be based on the geographic area of interest defined for the user
  • Exchange of BFT information to take place across hierarchies and affiliations through auto-replication mechanism
  • Ability to set parameters like polling periodicity through a user friendly configuration tool for BFT


  • Ability to plan routes as per terrain
  • Tool to create, save, modify, delete and send route along with way points
  • Navigation toolbar which will select a route and way-points and display parameters such as bearing,direction, speed, distance traveled, distance & time remaining etc to the driver
  • Provide inertial navigation functionality with comparable accuracies for situations in case the GNSS services are disrupted