Rolta Unified Mobility – A feature rich tool which provisions for planning & execution, data capturing and data analysis and visualization

Rolta Unified Mobility is a multi-utility solution which eliminates the dependency of Mobile platforms while simultaneously augmenting Mobile Workforce Automation

Rolta Geospatial Fusion™ provides a rich tool in form of Unified Mobility™ for planning and execution, data capturing and to a great extent data analysis and visualization. The technology is capable of working in connected mode where devices are connected to the server at all times and the centrally stored data is fetched from the server. Alternatively it also supports disconnected mode which allows the field devices to store and process the data locally when there is no or limited connectivity. Unified Mobility™ eliminates the dependency of Mobile platforms and seamlessly works on major industry leading mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.


  • Configure once, deploy on multiple platforms
  • Mobile Workforce Automation
  • Advance Editing tools
  • Powerful Field Data Validation module
  • Data Versioning support
  • Mobile Device Management


  • One Mobility solution reaches major Mobile platforms thus saving huge cost on individual platform specific deployments
  • Faster turnaround time through mobile workforce automation
  • Accurate mapping enables prompt maintenance
  • Simplifies maintenance, support and operations
  • Monitoring of field crew remotely enables real-time vigilance