Rolta Geomatica Webserver: A Suite of Resources & Tools for Working with Spatial Data and the Web

The Rolta Geomatica Webserver technology is based on OGC specifications and comprises of the following three web publishing services:

  • Web Feature Service (WFS) – open features in Rolta Geomatica Focus from any web feature service on the Web.
  • Web Coverage Service (WCS) – open coverage in Rolta Geomatica Focus from any web coverage service on the Web.
  • Web Mapping Service (WMS) – open map layers in Rolta Geomatica Focus from any web map service on the Web.

Main Features:

  • Geomatica WebServer consists of three parts that work together: an applet, a servlet, and Geomatica
  • Displays geospatial data from any standard HTML-based browser
  • Dynamic display of raster and vector information
  • Full range of tools, such as pan and zoom, zoom in and out, and re-center
  • High resolution: no loss of details in images and graphics even at high magnification levels
  • High-speed data flow between applet and Geomatica
  • Complies with OpenGIS® Consortium Web Mapping Service Interface Implementation Specification version 1.0.0
  • Provides customizable web page templates and sample configuration files


  • Progress from creating a simple web page to a complex website using XML configuration
  • Fully customizable environment
  • Ready built tools for quick customization and visualization
  • Converts images to GIF or JPEG on-the-fly to display rapidly on the web
  • Enables the performance of various queries like “Spatial”, “Attribute” etc.
  • Java Applet inserted by using an HTML tag
  • Enables users to show and hide layers by selecting check boxes


  • Accurate information
  • Flexible communications
  • Virtual reconnaissance
  • Dynamic situational awareness


  • Operational tempo
  • Co-ordination
  • Intelligence surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Navigation
  • Logistics management


  • Operational procurement and support costs
  • Administrative time by the automation of Simple functions
  • Training costs


  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Customization
  • Operations