Rolta iPerspective™ Enterprise Suite: An Intelligent Collection of Products to Help Realize Your SOA Needs

Rolta offers a solution to help your organization adopt Service Oriented Architecture to upgrade, manage, and future proof your IT investments.

Rolta iPerspective™ Enterprise Suite is a path-breaking solution which provides flexibility in achieving the specific needs of an enterprise and helps organizations achieve rapid ROI through asset consolidation and agile business processes. Rolta iPerspective™ enables organizations to create out-of the-box domain specific solutions, predictive analytics, process management etc., thereby reducing the complexity of managing IT applications. 100% compatibility with popular technology stacks, diverse databases, and various programming environments is ensured due to a vendor and technology neutral approach. This powerful environment permits business users to dynamically add / modify business processes across heterogeneous IT systems, while underlying toolkits automatically handle technical intricacies.

Rolta iPerspective™ Enterprise Suite of products empowers the organizations to manage the end to end integration, data and security need of an enterprise, thereby helping to optimize your application usage, consolidate enterprise data and tightening the security loose ends.

Rolta iPerspective™ helps organizations achieve the following:

Domain based business integration: Rolta iPerspective™ offers a new approach to business design and plays a fundamental role in integrating assets from disparate systems together and reduces redundancy.

Managing complex IT assets:

Rolta iPerspective™ enables the effective management of complex IT assets such as – systems, applications, and databases, making them easier to re-use, integrate, and evolve without any disruption to the business solutions that use them.

Unified Orchestration Engine:

As it addresses the areas of Integration, Security and Data it can be the underlying unifying framework upon which the enterprise applications can seamlessly exchange data, orchestrate multiple business processes and centrally manage security policies.

Deploying artifacts:

Rolta iPerspective™ enables faster implementation cycles and easy deployment of artifacts which gels well with the existing or traditional business operational systems.

Centralized Security & Auditing:

Rolta iPerspective™ provides centralized user and role management across the enterprise. It provides business entity based auditing for the various systems in an organization.

Providing Predictive Capability:

The solution provides a predictive capability framework for integration of the statistical engine and visualization engine on to the same platform.