Digital Soldier Systems: Effectual Communication Solutions for Soldiers

Rolta’s Digital Soldier Systems help soldiers know their own location as well as their comrades locations through GPS, helping them communicate with the rest of their Platoon effectively.

A System designed for use by foot soldiers, for all types of missions, in all types of environment, to increase operational effectiveness.

Rolta’s Digital Soldier System is a light weight system with quick deployment designed for soldiers on foot. It enables soldiers with means for communicating with Section/Platoon/Company on UHF/VHF radios. The Global Positioning System (GPS) enables to fix soldiers location on the map. The system helps soldiers to “know” where he and his colleagues are at any given time, with locations relative to his/her own position appearing as symbol with call sign on a map/screen of display device. The Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC) enables the soldier for navigation in the desired route planned as sent by the Commander for attack. The Laser Range Finder (LRF) enables the soldier to plot the enemy position on map display. The latest situation awareness information is ‘updated’ on individual’s PDA periodically from command post.


  • Command & control of dismounted operations
  • Integration of soldier communications, GPS ,navigation and LRF for identification of enemy location and target acquisition