Rolta IRS Sensor: An Interactive Programme for Ortho-Rectification, Mosaic and Basic Tone Balancing

Rolta IRS Sensor is a solution with rigorous and rational function models developed to compensate for distortions and produce ortho-rectified satellite images using high resolution and low resolution sensors.

The Rolta IRS Sensor Satellite Ortho Suite supports a wide range of high and low resolution optical satellite sensors viz., Cartosat, GeoEye, IKONOS, QuickBird, WorldView, IRS, etc. Complex math models are incorporated for each of these sensors to correct distortions caused by platform, respective sensor orientation, integration time, field of view, cartographic projection and Earth curvature. Rolta’s IRS Sensor OrthoEngine Satellite Models also support GCP and tie-point ground controls.


  • Builds a correlation between the pixels and their ground locations
  • Obtains RPC data with images and imports coefficients automatically
  • Calculates the polynomial coefficients from GCPs
  • Refine RPC data with one or more GCPs
  • Zero- or first-order GCP refinement available
  • PC-based corrections are available for the following types of imagery:
    • GeoEye-1
    • IKONOS
    • Kompsat-2
    • NITF
    • OrbView-3
    • QuickBird
    • SPOT
    • WorldView-1
  • GCP Collection can be carried out manually or by using:
    • Geocoded image
    • Geocoded vectors
    • Chip database
    • Digitizing tablet
    • Text File Import
  • Allows the user to enter tie-point elevations manually or extract them from a DEM and also enables import/export. Individual and overall RMSE is displayed.
  • Residual Report can be generated to visualize check point, tie point, and Stereo-GCP error information.
  • Blunder points can be edited in the residual report and update bundle adjustments
  • The IRS sensor includes quality control tools that display image footprints, distribution of GCPs, and tie points for your project.