Rolta Digital Mensuration: A Window Based Solution For Multiple Image Display

Rolta Digital Mensuration allows the generation of image point coordinates which can be used directly or formatted by the Rolta Photogrammetric Nucleus for input into triangulation packages.

Rolta Digital Mensuration is a flexible, window-based image display of multiple images, providing efficient transfer and measurement of points in multi-overlap regions. Its inbuilt auto correlation and on-line integrity check help improve accuracy, while increasing productivity and reliability.


  • A powerful environment for both monoscopic and stereoscopic orientations as well as triangulation of digital and satellite images
  • Performs standard Interior and Relative measurements as well as Absolute Orientation for use in both Bundle Adjustment and independent Model Adjustment.
  • Inbuilt on-line bundle adjustment program for export of Third Party bundle adjustment packages
  • Ability to do standard single photo resection
  • Easy to use Windows interface, with direct access to project functions via pull down menus
  • Simplified mouse control during stereo measurement, plus real time planning for image movement
  • Optional one button job strip and block adjustment
  • Blunder detection during point measurement


  • Flexible project management
  • Performs bundle adjustment and controls file densification without having to translate points to third party products
  • Improved throughput due to optimized point presentation and easy to use mensuration tools that allow high degree of automation in image presentation
  • Simultaneous bundle adjustment results can be available as soon as control and transfer points are measured
  • Configurable mensuration environment that allows users to tailor the system for a particular job
  • User selectable statistical indicators and blunder detection methods assure clean measurements