Advisory Services: Verticals

Backed by a team of domain experts, Rolta provides specialized advisory services for effective Business Performance Management, Asset Management, Digital Oil Fields & Information and Content Management.

In the Oil & Gas Industry, vast exploration acreage generates considerable volumes of data and information, emanating from various domains like Geophysics, Geology, Petro-physics, Reservoirs, Drilling, etc. These are often spread across multiple databases, storage media and file formats. Refineries and Petrochemical organizations frequently find it difficult to provide a single interface for the seamless integration of data, information and work processes. In terms of power generation and distribution, it is always a challenge to access a real time view of all data as scenarios need to be monitored in a near real time environment.

Rolta helps Oil & Gas and Power companies with their specialized advisory services to implement solutions which can effectively handle data sets and information from well heads to dispenser nozzles. These services and solutions help integrate different parts of the value chain to increase transparency and effectively analyze data. Rolta’s experts have considerable experience in upstream, downstream refinery and petrochemicals operations, power generation and distribution, as well as process automation and information management.

Key Advisory Services:

  • Business Performance Management

Rolta’s services enable critical business winning processes to move up the scale of process maturity. The effective utilization of resources in turn acts as a catalyst for improved business performance. Rolta also helps mapping the organization’s strategies to business metrics that help achieve operational excellence in key areas, reducing business, health, safety and environment risks. In addition, we provide a near real time round the clock visibility of operational performance enabling rapid response to non-conforming products, services and business expectations. Our team also assists in providing discovery services of an organization’s information landscape, coming out with an integrated view of business insights which help achieve operational excellence.

  • Asset Performance Management

Assets are a lifeline for any process industry, and play a major role in maintaining the reliability of the plant and improving operational efficiency. Managing maintenance strategies to revamp these assets and aligning them with key asset metrics based on Reliability studies (both for Static {Risk Based Inspection} and Rotary {Reliability Centered Maintenance}) is a strategic exercise undertaken by Rolta. We also enable efficient Asset Performance Monitoring in a real time environment based on process parameters to maintain overall Asset Integrity. Rolta, with its extensive implementations of tools and solutions, backed by experienced domain specialists, provide cutting edge services for overall performance management services.

  • Digital Oil Field

The Oil and Gas industry relies on information and collaborative technology among its diverse stakeholders to meet its business goals. The industry recognizes that to manage future oil and gas developments and the effective production of existing reserves, it is essential to integrate and connect business processes, geographies and organizations.Rolta, with its strong understanding of diverse data sets of upstream, right from exploration and drilling to production, enables organizations to assimilate data from diverse native solutions. These are then standardized and linked with the key business insights that impact the operations and reliability of the operating asset as a whole. A holistic integrated view of an organization’s information landscape right from well head to production is provided in the form of best practices, universal standards and key metrics which in turn lead to operational excellence.

  • Information and Content Management

Rolta, with its strong understanding of diverse data sets of upstream, right from exploration and drilling to production, enables organizations to assimilate data from diverse native solutions. The Energy domains of Refinery, Petrochemical and Power also add up substantial amounts of both real time and historical datasets. These require a seamless collaborative environment to take care of the key requirements of structured and un-structured data in the form of emails tagged to a context and relevant documents, along with images, audio and video files. Rolta’s services help build a collaborative digital infrastructure which handles workflows, taxonomy, as well as structured and unstructured data in real time and historical forms, along with a full-fledged portal to visualize the content and knowledge management.