Rolta OFSAA Accelerated Migration™ (ROAM): Simplify and Accelerate your Migration from OFSA 4.x to OFSAA 7.x

With Rolta’s ROAM™ solution, you can simplify and accelerate the process of migration from the older OFSA 4.x versions to OFSSA 7.x version and maximise your investment by utilizing the benefits of latest technology and developments in Risk / Profitability space.

Many Banks and Financial Institutions across the have been using Oracle OFSA for their risk and profitability requirements over the years. Oracle’s OFSAA is the newer avatar, developed on fusion technology with an integrated architecture laced with latest technological advancements to meet the ever growing demand of complex risk and analytical requirements.

Rolta can help in this journey of migrating from OFSA to OFSAA, enabling use of latest technology and enhanced functionalities. Rolta has developed a comprehensive solution and program called ROAM™ to automate this painful migration exercise, which means that the transition is faster and accurate. ROAM solution takes care of migration of metadata, customizations, dimensions, data, assumptions, reporting mart and reports using its rich pool of OFSAA expertise.

About the process:

• Assessment phase –
– Initial Assessment – Assessing the metadata, customizations and configured functionalities
– Migration plan – Planning a pain-free migration process

• Migration phase –
– Enhance Data Models – to enrich OFSAA data model with all the OFSA customizations
– Automated Metadata Migration – using the ROAM™ tool to pull and push the data from source to target
– Configuration Enhancement – to utilize and reap benefits of the latest functionalities
– Automated Creation of reports and dashboards – using Rolta’s SmartMigrate™ solution which supports SAP BusinessObjects, Microstrategy, Cognos, Microsoft and Oracle OBIEE

• Testing for quality outcomes – Verifying the target reports against the source reports

• UAT and Implementation Support

• Go live and Post Production

• Managed Services (OFSAA Support – L1, L2 and L3)