Cloud Solutions

Enterprises looking to become more agile and responsive to the changing market landscape are turning to the cloud. Cloud is no longer evaluated in isolation, but is an integral part of any IT strategy. With enterprises moving towards delivering ‘IT as a service,’ cloud has become essential in realizing business value. With cloud coming in many shapes and sizes including private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud, choosing the right technology and the right partner to design and implement a sound cloud-strategy is imperative.

Rolta’s Cloud solutions provide a secure, fast and predictable experience. We make sure your cloud transformation journey is not long and painful. Rolta’s Cloud solution covers all the phases of a cloud project, namely – Planning, Building, Managing and Innovating.

Challenges in traditional computing (Life before cloud):
• Traditional outsourcing of data processing, involves commissioning agents, who are provided with data and tasked with processing the data actively for the user according to the user’s mandate. The agent may itself engage sub-processors to assist with this processing
• Higher upfront costs, operating costs and slow implementation makes traditional computing more tedious
• One of the major issues with traditional storage networks is that IT admins have to either under- or over-estimate the organization’s needs, leaving either gaps or too much storage
• And there are numerous other challenges, from storage, privacy and security access and deployment perspectives

Cloud computing solutions from Rolta enable the clients to embrace newer technologies and overcome these challenges. Rolta’s Cloud Solutions provide major benefits including savings on hardware and software, enhanced scalability, and unprecedented levels of IT resource flexibility. The solutions are designed to enhance existing IT capabilities while retaining the best of your current facilities.

Rolta has developed a wide range of service offerings which include:
• Cloud use-case and technology assessment
• Cloud roadmap and transformation services
• Infrastructure design for private and hybrid clouds
• Complete cloud enablement – private, public and hybrid
• Cloud monitoring and Operations
• Business Enablement services

Why are customers moving to Cloud?

Why are customers moving to Cloud