Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA): Radio solutions for an Effective Communication Network

Rolta offers dependable radio solutions for Homeland Security, Disaster Management, Fleet Management, Military Operations and many other vital public and private sectors.

TETRA is the modern digital Private Mobile Radio (PMR) and Public Access Mobile Radio (PAMR) technology used for Police, Paramilitary Forces, Ambulance, Fire Services, Railways & Metros, Military, Public Access, Fleet Management, Disaster Management, Transport Services, Closed User Groups, Factory Site Services, Mining, etc.

TETRA is a standard promoted by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and operational throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, South America and Middle East.

From Defence / Public safety / Homeland Security perspective, communication plays the most vital role during any operation such as terrorist encounters, hostage situations, dealing with hostile criminals and rescue missions. ROLTA – TETRA Comm solution provides a reliable and dependable communication network to deal with these situations that can save lives and make an operation successful.

ROLTA – TETRA Comm Solution can operate seamlessly in any situations where most of the other means of communication have a chance of failure.


  • Distributed database – Multi-site operation is still allowed even if a part of the network fails or main database is unreachable.
  • Uses IP Networking to provide a range of TETRA standards Digital communication services including Voice, Data and Imagery.
  • Provides short response times and advanced real-time communications management in crisis situations.
  • Provides interoperability with legacy systems through multiple Gateways.
  • Packet-switching network based on IP routers.
  • Full range of interfaces according to user requirements
  • Mobile radio base stations are self-contained, compact and transportable by air, land or sea.

Interoperability & Scalability

  • ROLTA – TETRA solutions allow the flexibility of IP routing and distributed system intelligence to accommodate a wide range of network configurations. Components are optimally distributed for each network configuration.
  • It also provides full interoperability with TETRA terminals and with strategic, tactical & access networks.
  • This scalable, high-reliability system is based on tried & tested IT technologies and is supported by large numbers of manufacturers worldwide.

Cost Effective

ROLTA – TETRA Comm solution incorporates widely available commercial hardware (PC, IP routers/switches etc) and Windows software to guarantee the lowest acquisition and operating cost.

Terrestrial Trunked Radio – Network Components

  • Base Transceiver Station (BTS)
  • Switching and Management Infrastructure (SwMI)
  • Antenna System
  • Radio Terminals
  • Hand-portables (Semi ruggedized / ATEX certified)
  • Vehicular / Mobile Radios
  • Static / Desktop Radios
  • Covert Radios
  • Digital voice / data recorder
  • Gateways
  • Analog
  • AVLS
  • VOIP
  • Control Room Equipment’s / Applications
  • Network administration and supervision through NMWS
  • Call supervision & call replay through Dispatcher
  • Automatic vehicle location system (AVLS)
  • Key management through KMC

Radio Terminals

ROLTA – TETRA Comm Solution offers radio terminals like Hand portable, Vehicular / Mobile radio and Static / Desktop radio terminals having Interoperability certification for the operation in any TETRA Network infrastructure. The solution can be customized based on the requirements.

The hand portable radio terminals can operates at 1watt, 1.8watt & 3watts, also ATEX certified TETRA terminals for hazardous area operations are also available.

Vehicular / Mobile and Static / Desktop radios operate at 3watt to 10watt configurable output power. The Vehicular / Mobile radios can be configured as Gateway / Repeater mode – Gateway mode forms a bridge between the trunked TETRA network and a number of individual hand portable and Repeater mode will acts as a powerful mobile base station for the enhancement of the TETRA coverage for the number of hand portables in the field, which are operating separately from the TETRA network.