Routing & Switching: Enabling Effective Communication Between Tactical Units

Rolta offers an advanced switching device fully compliant with international EMI/EMC standards

Rolta’s Tactical Access Switch is a multipurpose tactical switch combining compact size, high switching capacity and adaptability to a variety of applications, equally suitable for subscriber access and trunk switching. Its small size and low weight together with its inherent properties for communications readiness, makes it particularly suitable for communication in and between tactical units frequently on the move. It is equipped with a non-blocking mode of operation as well as a switching capability for data and Voice. It can be easily integrated with legacy TDM Voice Switches & Interfaces with STM 1/E3 OFC & E2/E1 streams.


  • Software programmable WAN interface
  • Supporting data rates of 2, 8 and 34 Mbps
  • Optical interface supports data rate of up to 155Mbps
  • Ethernet interfaces at 10/100/ 1000 Mbps
  • Circuit emulation interfaces provides E1/E3 circuit emulation
  • E1 interfaces for integrating with legacy TDM voice switches.

Power supply and Controller

  • The switch has redundant hot swappable controller cards and power supply units Protocol Support
  • IP Ver4 and IP Ver6
  • Unicast & Multicast
  • Broadcast IP traffic,
  • Dynamic routing Protocol
  • MPLS (latest version)

Security Features

  • Protection against spoofed IP addresses
  • Denial of Service Attacks and Man in the Middle attacks
  • Supports DHCP snooping and controlled SNMP access
  • Supports AAA servers such as RADIUS


  • Fully complies with Mil Std 461 E

Operating Temperature

  • Operates at temperatures between -20 °C to 45°C
  • Complies with JSS 55555 environmental specifications