Tactical Communication System (TCS): Overcoming Challenges Encountered by Communication Systems in Tactical Battlefield Areas

Rolta provides secure triple-play services for voice, data and video communication for forces spread over vast regions in a Tactical Battlefield Area (TBA).

Tactical Communication Systems (TCS) are of very high operational importance, providing integrated, secure, highly reliable and available communication services for forces, even in constraints like hostile environmental conditions, limited spectrum, time critical and non-linear progress of communication requirements, technical failure of equipment, partial destruction of mesh networks, and jamming by adversaries or events.

Rolta’s TCS offering has been designed based on partial mesh architecture, with the Tactical Backbone Network using a number of Backbone Nodes interconnected with High Capacity Radio Relay (HCRR) links to provide coverage in the TBA. The HCRR is spectrally efficient, has low emission signatures and tolerates jamming. User Nodes facilitate a formation headquarter or a unit to access the TCS network facilities through a similar User Node or Backbone Node, with the system providing multimedia connectivity based on High Capacity Radio Relay, Tactical Optical Fibre, FWS (Field Wireless System) and HF.

TCS nodes are also scalable and flexible, adapting to the progression of a battle. These nodes are mounted in shelters, and can be transported by road, air or sea.


  • Interoperability with other networks
  • Flexible, scalable and upgradeable
  • Security & Information Assurance
  • Enabled with Spectrum Management
  • Assures quality of service
  • Highly responsive with near real time communication
  • Inherent ECCM features
  • Ruggedisation and Shelterisation
  • Communication elements with Low Electronic Visual Signatures
  • Simple for Management and Training purposes
  • Minimum setup/tear-down time