Unit Level Switch Board: Digital Switching Unit for Military Field Tactical Networks

Rolta offers a state of the art digital-switching unit based on PCM/ TDM technology, featuring fully integrated voice, data and image communications.

Rolta’s Unit Level Switch Board system fulfils all mechanical and operational requirements for field environment operation. Its small size and low weight together with its inherent properties for communications readiness makes it particularly suitable for situations where mobility, reliability and maintainability are the need of the hour.


  • 184 TDM ports and 750 IP channels
  • Direct Optical Termination for E1
  • Data card which bifurcates voice and data
  • Hot standby power supply
  • Modular, non-blocking redundant CPU cards
  • Compatible with all legacy exchanges
  • All slots are universal
  • User Trials (Summer/Winter), MAG, CQAL & EMI/EMC completed successfully.