V SAT: A Host of Very Small Aperture Terminal Solutions for Military Tactics

Rolta offers V SAT solutions for varied applications for the Defence Forces.

Military tactics now focus on gathering lots of data and acting on it quickly with precision strikes. One of the important tools in this strategy is the very-small-aperture terminal, which has become so important that some observers feel the drawdown won’t significantly reduce its deployment.

VSATs have become a necessity for Special Forces, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other entities that need small, lightweight equipment to be able to move quickly. Troops deployed in the mountainous terrain, where transmission paths are often blocked by mountains and snowstorms, like the capability of lightweight terminals. The terminals also are seeing extensive use in UAVs, which need lightweight components to stay aloft longer. They contain antennas and transmitters which let aircraft communicate via satellites in the many instances where line-of-sight communications aren’t possible. As with man-portable products, size and weight are key issues in this deployment.

Rolta’s portfolio include following configurations of VSAT:-

  • Auto Acquire VSAT Systems
  • Fixed Site VSAT Systems
  • Transportable VSAT systems
  • Satellite cum Tropo terminal
  • Man portable lightweight VSAT systems
  • Satellite on the move


  • Operate in C Band, extended C band and Ku band
  • Based on SCPC DAMA / PAMA or MF TDMA or DVB-S2 technology
  • Supports 1:1 redundancy for remote and Mobile Earth Station (MES) and caters for geographical redundancy of MES
  • Can be integrated with any Military switch and has its own NMS.