Command & Control

Command & Control: Innovative, insightful solution portfolio adapted for exercise of military command and control on the battlefield.

The Rolta Command & Control solutions add a C2 dimension over geospatial and other critical information in a networked environment to empower designated Military Commanders to exercise their authority and direction over assigned and attached forces in accomplishing their mission.

Command and Control is defined as the exercise of authority and direction by a designated Military Commander over assigned and attached forces in the accomplishment of the mission. Command and Control functions are performed through an arrangement of personnel, equipment, communications, facilities and procedures employed by the Commander in planning, directing, coordinating, and controlling forces and operations in the accomplishment of the mission.

Rolta’s suite of C2 Solutions manifests its over two decades of close collaboration with the Armed Forces that have resulted in a thorough understanding of the operating parameters and environs in which India’s Armed Forces function and wage war. To truly understand and address the complex ‘market’ the Armed Forces constitute for such C2 Solutions, Rolta realized early the importance of domain knowledge. The means of applying this understanding is the large team of domain experts that Rolta has built into the fabric of its organization. It is these domain experts who lead the C2 Projects. They synchronise with the user ‘customers’ and define requirements to the in-house ‘technical teams’ that, in turn, build the solutions Rolta offers. Delivery happens only after domain experts test and validate every feature and functionality of the offered solution.

Indeed, our suite of C2 Solutions represents a very logical progression. First, the Armed Forces required maps and charts to go ‘digital’. Rolta learned about this very focused domain when it was still evolving, mastered it, brought in the technology required, indigenized it and provided it to the Forces. Over time the ‘users’ requirements of the GIS systems provided by Rolta grew. For each such requirement, Rolta remained in-step and built and provided them. Thus, a C2 dimension came into the GIS base. As further technological advances came about, the next stage was a progression from a stand-alone capability to fully networked systems. These too were built following years of detailed study and R&D. Many such Rolta provided systems are currently in use in the Armed Forces ‘Operations’, ‘Intelligence’ and ‘Logistics’ Branches. Now, it is the Armed Forces march towards graduating to Network Centric Warfare capability that has defined Rolta’s progression. C2 Solutions form the core of such capability and thus Rolta’s focus these solutions.

The nature of C2 Solutions varies greatly at different levels of the Armed Forces hierarchy. While C2 Solutions at the higher echelons of the Armed Forces are complex GIS-MIS systems delivering features tailor made to meet the requirements of Commanders and staff of all Arms & Services operating at these levels, the C2 System used by the fighting echelons manifests as an extremely user friendly and very responsive solution meant to enhance the capabilities of soldiers, sailors and airmen operating in the thick of battle. Once integrated, connected and networked, all these C2 Systems, operating in synchronization, will provide the Armed Forces the C4I capability they desire. It is this vision that Rolta has subscribed to on long term basis.

Our portfolio of Command & Control Solutions provides one of the widest set of technologies and concepts adapted for exercise of military command and control on the battlefield.

  • Communication and networking, sensor systems, operational information systems (intelligence, C2,Wargaming,Platform integration)
  • Connectivity and interoperability between mission capabilities on a single C4I framework
  • Military standardization (as per Indian Military Standards) and technology standards (OGC,IP, J2EE, XML and web services)

The result: shared awareness, collaborative fighting, and synchronized effects on the digital battle space thus providing a Common platform addressing various hierarchical levels of the chain of Command.

In addition, Rolta has built C2 systems custom designed to meet the needs for disaster management, Border guarding and homeland security forces and environs.