Rolta e-Governance

Proven abilities to enable Governments become leaner and more effective.

Increasingly, governments are challenged to do more with less; improve productivity, manage assets efficiently in the wake of growing infrastructure costs; manage a hybrid employee workforce; manage large volumes of data and multiple systems with less IT staff and meet the demands of an increasing sophisticated and involved group of citizens etc. Providing more services within a limited budget is therefore proving to be a daunting challenge for the government sector.

In the fast growing space in IT, governments need to be more agile with openness in internal processes making them SLA oriented. Also government bodies need to analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data from social media, sensors, historical, digital components (audio, video streams), environmental area, etc. The government sector therefore needs an integrated platform to deal and effectively utilize this massive multi-source (Big) data to improve their services.

Most of the government bodies are going for revamping of the existing legacy system with an objective to build an Integrated ERP platform covering all business operations. However, an effective solution has requirements which extend well beyond automation of core services like lowering total cost of ownership, provision for future needs, effective decision making process, better performance, secure platform etc. Overall there is need for a solution which is robust, scalable, customized, timely and trustworthy.

Rolta’s innovative technology is the key to providing capabilities which establish a flexible, robust and solid foundation for information exchange, interaction, and decision making in the government. By utilizing our solutions, the level of service offered to the customers will increase and the ability to make timely decisions based on current information will be boosted dramatically

Rolta’s e-Governance solutions are based on our experience in working with governments and its multiple associated agencies. These solutions are built on the expertise gained from these engagements to build and improve e-Governance solutions globally.The solution percolates into the system not just at the technology level but also at a process and people level to ensure successful ERP implementation.

Solution Highlights:

• Rule based solution scalable to meet future needs
• Business Solution blueprinting by domain experts
• Focus on integrating business process than building silo modules
• Provision to integrate with leading GIS platforms
• Location based business operations management
• ROLTA IP based built business modules
• Preconfigured COTS ERP platform
• Data model based on domain expertise
• SOA based modular design
• Integrated EAI platform enabling integration with third party systems
• Accelerated data service deployment
• Structure and unstructured data integration including data from social media