Land Management: Effective Solutions for Management of Land Resources

Rolta offers a host of solutions to integrate data from multiple sources, and enable the exchange of land records data in an organized manner for macro level planning.

Planning and management of land requires up-to-date information on its spatial extent and usage, as well as an understanding of the distribution and current status of natural resources along with temporal land use changes. Co-relating the existing land use with future development plans is required for the effective implementation of land management.

Land Records Departments often face the daunting tasks of updating records, entering and maintaining massive amounts of data, as well as validating updated data against original records. These processes are slow and error prone, with overdue mutation orders and limited accessibility to land records in both rural and urban sectors posing as added challenges.

Geospatial technologies facilitate the mapping of land parcels, valuation of land, and the integration of data sets from multiple departments to realize a strategic land suitability assessment. Rolta provides solutions for enabling data integration from multiple sources, displaying the results on a map integrated with satellite images for effective decision making. Our solutions allow the exchange of land records data in an organized manner for macro level planning, facilitating interoperability across various departments for the better management of land resources.

The industries catered to by this solution are given below, along with their relevant Rolta products.