Operational Intelligence: Immediate and Real-Time Access to Critical Metrics and KPIs

Rolta’s Operational Intelligence Solutions for Transportation offer cost-effective, configurable solutions to meet the need of enterprise data access, while minimizing the amount of custom code necessary to be developed and maintained.

For a simple half mile segment of a roadway, it can take Transportation agencies hours or even days to gather all the pertinent information such as pavement condition, bridge condition, current construction status and pending maintenance. It is a daunting task to manage and collate information that is often stored in isolated departmental databases, spreadsheets or in hardcopy format. Timely and accurate budget and schedule information on each project equally essential, and innovative solutions are needed to allow DOTs to improve business processes and respond rapidly to agency and customer demands.

Through Rolta’s Operational Intelligence Solutions, operational status and trends are provided in real time through the spatial visualization of data that can be aggregated from individual and typically isolated systems. Planning and tracking functions allow executives and operational managers to follow the progress of projects, right from budgeting and planning through to implementation and maintenance. Our solutions also provide Risk Management Insights through a work center and dashboard so that the key risks relating to projects, regulatory compliance and safety can be identified, quantified and managed for a DOT or Municipal Transportation Department.


  • Saving time and money by providing a “one stop shop” for all critical agency information
  • Enabling enhanced decision making by providing access to accurate, live data from agency systems
  • Mechanism for information sharing both internally within the agency and, if desired, externally to other agencies
  • Reduction in software development costs
  • Elimination of source of truth issues for agency data
  • Establishment of mapping standards and base map for agency applications
  • Improving customer service and mitigating risks

The industries catered to by this solution are given below, along with their relevant Rolta products.