Safety & Security

The key to safety is information – from various sources, times and locations – integrated and analysed to produce actionable insight

From conventional street violence to dynamic crime horizon; protecting city against crime, natural disasters, accidents or terrorism can only be tackled by increasingly sophisticated technologies and processes.

Rolta Safety & Security solutions facilitate securing urban environments with innovative crime prevention, distress call and emergency response management, traffic management, video surveillance and disaster management capabilities.

The ‘Rolta Safe City’ solutions are built around ‘Rolta Command & Control’, ‘Rolta GeoCAD’ and ‘Rolta OnPoint’ solutions which are Rolta’s core offerings in this domain. These products are a part of large repository of Rolta’s own Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) which comprises of numerous products and industry specific solution frameworks. These solutions act as a force multiplier by enabling leading edge decision support systems within a spatially enabled environment.

Key Aspects of Safety & Security Solutions

  • Real-time communication helps emergency services to intervene promptly
  • Collaboration between agencies in a reliable and secure way
  • Gather and analyze heterogeneous sensors and incidents information in real time
  • Command and Control in collaboration with incident response teams and first responders
  • Enabling municipalities and their emergency services to enhance safety and security for citizens, businesses, assets and infrastructure