Natural gas – Clean fuel for a better and safe tomorrow

Natural gas is a source for the generation of electricity, production of fuel, fertilizers, etc. It is now fast being adapted for more direct use in the urban context. In order to meet this rising demand, gas distribution companies need to address some significant concerns – emergency management, routine maintenance, inspection, flow management, reducing cost of after-sales service, to name a few.

Information within utilities companies is maintained in disparate systems, depending on its source. E.g. asset management, CRM, billing, ERP, etc. Each of these in-house databases is separate from the other. In order to make operations more efficient and decision-making smoother, there is a growing need for a unified view of information, not just across departments, but also across geographical locations. Such a unification would allow efficient leakage management, better risk management, improved safety and quicker work-order responses.

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