The number of vehicles on the roads of the world are expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2050

(Source: Transport Outlook, 2012)

The transportation and infrastructure system in our cities, and on our highways, is stretched beyond capacity and unable to deliver the outcome that citizens and decision-makers desire. It is critical for transportation executives to be able to understand their operational situation in order to cost-effectively deliver the outcome on which they are being measured. This includes managing congestion, ensuring accessibility, system reliability, maximizing the availability and maintenance of assets, work projects and safety for all within the available budget. What is needed is the ability to transparently access and integrate cross-functional data in real-time and display both the operational intelligence and location intelligence to provide transportation decision makers with accurate insights to execute on maximizing optimal operations and confidently support future planning.

Rolta’s transportation solutions provide a complete and comprehensive set of capabilities that address the urban transportation needs of smart cities.