Urban Planning

Planning and management of land resources requires up-to-date information, as well as an understanding of natural resources

Institutional, physical , social and economic infrastructure together forms a city and are key dimension of system which should be citizen centric, efficient, accountable and transparent. Urban planning controls development and organization of city covering urban and rural areas. It is based on demographic distribution, land scape dimensions, transportation and utility infrastructure, environment protection and finally framework / process to monitoring and optimize planning and performance.

Rolta has always focused on developing solutions that contribute towards responsible and effective use of the geospatial resources of the organization, thus laying the foundation for intelligent smart city initiatives. The approach method is to integrate 3D Mapping and visualization capabilities with local asset & land databases and demographic datasets to enable authorities to make better city planning decisions, prepare for disaster response & mitigation, asset protection and deliver carbon foot print monitoring via an integrated BI / GIS dashboard.