Rolta’s rapidly deployable solutions exploit the nexus of technologies such as Big Data, IoT, Cloud, Mobility to accelerate the business outcomes along with transformation, thereby driving Operational Excellence.

Rolta has been leading the Digital Transformation with its IP based innovative solutions. Rolta OneView™, an award winning Big Data & Analytics solution is an outcome of Rolta’s 3 decades of domain expertise of Engineering, Geospatial, IT and Analytics.

Rolta OneView™ is a rapidly deployable industry-rich Big Data Analytics solution that provides “Industry Analytics in a Box”. It includes vertical specific source system connectivity, industry-specific knowledge model with the respective industry standards and business processes, industry semantic layer, industry-specific work processes, industry-specific analytics and role-based actionable insights. It has a deep and broad coverage across all the key business functions for each industry vertical – Oil & Gas Upstream/Midstream, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Utilities. While typical Big data analytic solutions in the market combine data from traditional IT and human data generated over the internet, Rolta’s solutions go beyond to also integrate the Real-time IoT data to maximize business value.

Rolta OneView™ simplifies the information complexity in the enterprise by providing loosely coupled, yet comprehensive integration across the operation and business systems with “Integrate-Analyze-Deliver” approach built by leveraging best of breed platforms. Rolta, through its IP based BI, Big Data and Analytics driven product suite, aims to bring 100x value to the industry value chain.

It provides a 360-degree view of the enterprise and touches the nerve center of all critical functions, quickly adapting to existing systems, instilling best practices and accelerating process improvement. Rolta OneView™ with IT-OT Fusion provides an integration middleware between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) which helps in meeting the required operational excellence for asset intensive organizations. Rolta OneView™ Data Science Workbench (DSW) is an added feather in the cap. DSW features provides better and faster decisions by revealing patterns, trends, relationships and most importantly, hidden opportunities for improvement by using analytics capability of the product. Using data science workbench, an analyst can perform exploratory, diagnostic, predictive and advanced modelling.

Rolta OneView™ Enterprise Suite is quickly proving to be an effective platform for large transformational initiatives for operational excellence, asset integrity, operational integrity, overall equipment effectiveness, composite risk management, corporate balanced scorecards etc.

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What is Rolta OneView™?
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What is Rolta OneView™?

Rolta OneView™ Architecture Diagram

Rolta OneView™ Architecture Diagram Click here