CCTV System for Navy Ships (ROLTA NVMS): Specialized Video Security Solutions

Rolta offers an effective multimedia management system enabling simultaneous monitoring of video and audio from numerous sources.

Rolta NVMS is a fully scalable enterprise-level multimedia management system. This advanced network-based system architecture enables simultaneous monitoring of video and audio, live and recorded, from multiple stations, configured for on-site and off-site storage. The solution includes Mentor Screen Recording, Case Builder Incident Reporting and the award winning Scene Tracker video stitching software.

Rolta’s software platform for the full video security solution supports H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG video compressions and facilitates continuous, scheduled, manual, event-based and alarm–based Video and Audio recording. It supports hundreds of IP video edge device models from the leading manufacturers. Built on Microsoft .NET Framework, Rolta offers a comprehensive .NET SDK. With state-of-the-art client applications and IT friendly features, this resilient system design also offers fail over and redundancy options.


  • Thin Web Client providing easy video access to casual users
  • Single installation file supporting both 32bit and 64bit OS
  • Fully integrated with Rolta exciting Quasar line of HD IP Cameras
  • Enhanced Trans coder for better video experience over limited connections
  • Improved Performance, faster launch time and quicker response time
  • A list of new integrations to 3rd-party edge devices from leading vendors